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Illustration, design, photography, 3D modelling, bikes, adventure, cosplay.

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Switched from drinking chocolate milk to regular and now I'm turning white.

Getting drunk might loosen my inhibitions but I keep my inhibitions too checked to get drunk. Wonder which wins.

Remember when you were talking about combining donuts and cake? My boss made the dream a reality.

Couple of bitches in pink.

Analyzing Polish butts- I mean, boobs- I mean, brands.

We're the best princesses.

These shoes are so dialed.

That baby is not healthy and fit. That baby destroyed a womb on the way out. Probably the whole woman, actually.

Asia sure is advanced. They've managed to condense people into pill form.

My work has become dog photoshoots.

Dog, I am trying to work. Don't make yourself comfortable.

Dog, stop sniffing that marker. That is bad.

Dog, you can't use a computer. Stop that.

I want it. All of it. So amazing. And spectacular. And incredible. #Spiderman

after talking with the prez and first lady to get Obamacare spread to Dragon Roost island.


Crazy wig.

Yep, conventions.

Just going to spend my Katsucon scrambling around on rocks.

Doggie in my lap. Tiny thing.