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Sports blogger with an attitude (sometimes).The Hank Hill of Cache Valley. Love me some Utah Jazz, Utah Utes, Dallas Cowboys, and tacos. Contributor to TUJB.

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Ammon really loves to listen/watch random conversations.

observes random conversation. Come on bro.


Nice jersey

Propane is cold.

Definately gotta Rep the U in honor of all the newcomers.

This is a pretty cool 100 year old cook book.

I wasn't kidding. #officebedroom

This is seriously how watches vids on his laptop..

has a 20 minute convo regard mcdonalds and wendys fries.

Look what I did to this faker fan...

I love hats, bro.

More ammon.

Ammon chats it up with the GF.

Ammon likes to walk over next to me then stare out the window doing a thinker pose.

Only took me like 4 hours to set up.

Sister got me a new wallet, kinda bummed cuz this one had atleast another 4 years left.

My nephew is going to love me.

Found this list on my boss's desk. What does it mean?

I found this list on my boss's desk. I wonder what it means.

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