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Professional nerdy girl, age 25. Part-time dominknitrix. Lady Brony. Gamer forever. I'm the type of pony everypony should know. My tweets represent me.

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here's my bb >.>

Btw: library chairs = best ever. Desks!

For real, it's heels on me. I'm 6'3"! Bwaha.

So is kinda the best ever :D

At least I can has cute Birkenstocks?

Dear Twitter: is this dress as cute as I think it is?

Okay. I made the picture kinda better. I have to not play with it anymore. I have things to do.

I drew this when I was learning to use my tablet the other night. Secretly, I am a very bad artist. But I'll learn.

I drew a doggie.

This picture's probably a little more accurate colorwise.

here's what yarn I'm using for Harper's blanket. Once I get the rest of it, anyway.

And at least one of my Club Nintendo things got here safely. Perfect for school, yay!

O.o is this you?

I'm also trying the Mint Candy Apple (after searching for a month+!) and I may be too pale. Dunno.

I just looked down and didn't have polish on a nail anymore. Time to repaint, then.

I hate you

Surfing Gaga has made my day.

It's so hard to find a place where my hair looks right.

Hurr. I