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I haven’t worn makeup since I was admitted to the hospital a week ago. I am a mess.

Including these adorable madras flipflops, which makes me happy.

In other news, spending time in the hospital makes time go by more quickly. So close to vacay!

I got it at Hobby Lobby. It’s amazeballs.

Oh my god m&ms

So excited obvs

I am amused that PSN uses emoji in emails. But the one that’s available looks more like a 360 controller…

Anyway. I have now taken a shower at the hospital twice. Too bad the second time my mom helped and not the sexy nurse.

There’s that.

This is my night. Until my Vita dies.

Don’t grow up.

Give me all of the bacon and eggs you have.

Nerding out and reading Game Change in bed.

When I leave, I’m going home, taking a shower, and going to LensCrafters. These glasses aren’t as cute as they were.

So. Trying to stay up as late as possible, given that I only slept about three hours this afternoon. Playing with hair.

me too. I’m next to it. I’m scared. :(

Just laughed harder at this “ERMAHGERD” than anything else today.

Okay, yeah. I needed that warning.

Thanks for warning me, Obama campaign.