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For those wondering what & how big it is , this photo should help. Now how do I get down from here?

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Pay no attention to how I got here, but look what I found on the Mun! #kerbalspaceprogram

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The Jason Statham Initiative achieved at farlandsorbust.com! This is a look I'm going to have to get used to:

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To avoid any further poor-quality grabs from the livestream, I present with "Wolfie" at Minecon Paris!

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For those inquiring, this is my current setup. With OCD, partitioning & naming your drives is a major life event.

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Guess what I'm currently spending an inordinate amount of time editing:

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Good thing the archaic 250GB data cap from Comcast is temporarily suspended!

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What do you think, gift for myself when/if we ever reach 500,000 subscribers? #yeahright

Perhaps it's not your thing, but take a moment to appreciate the Far Lands or Bust sponsored car design I made! :D

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The prompts you get while installing 10-year old video games are amusing.

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Not a shabby of a corner office view for an astronaut on EVA on the ISS.

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Here is the complete stitched panorama of The 699492 Monument that we took during episode 178 of Far Lands or Bust

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"This is taking longer than expected." Hmm, it looks like even YouTube has adopted a defeatist attitude!

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I think I accidentally just made tortillas instead of pancakes.