Former hunter who clings to her hunter toon and raids as a holy paladin. Canadian, eh?

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Strange how I actually have time for this sort of thing with a one-night clear raid schedule.

Here, , have a lovely Canadian lake sunset for your birthday!

Back to civilization tomorrow.

Pretty idyllic, I gotta say.

Time for some R&R!

About twenty minutes from the cottage.

Whew, made the bus. To the hospital I go.

Shakespeare in the park!

Dog is panting like mad, refuses to go in the house with a/c...

Gotta admit that it's nice to have a porch and yard sometimes. #housesitting

Well, dogsitting does have a perk or two. Thanks, Mom!

At the hospital with my grandmother who is likely dehydrated.

A shot of Bonsecours Market at sunset.

That said, there's something to be said for sunsets.

Mother duck with 11 ducklings.

A lovely day at the lake. And one bar of service...

This is about a tenth of the people here.

Total haul. I spent $100 over five hours and walked out w/ $341.

All profit!

Up $90.