Former hunter who clings to her hunter toon and raids as a holy paladin. Canadian, eh?

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The reason I ask is that ToR is working to give extra HP with Holy Avenger.

One of the many reasons we haven't recorded Blessing of Frost yet...

Horrible shot, but the moon looks huge.

Maybe a better shot.

Ah... nice to wake up to 19k in the mailbox.


Some gorgeous sky and clouds today.


Second course.

First course.

Ponte Vecchio after a short rain storm.

Gelato in Firenze.

A light dinner after a day of being sick as a dog.

From Ponte Rialto.

First look at a rainy Venice.

Gelato in Padova.

My friend bought this for her husband. We fear it will break.

Inside of previously shown arch.

Stray cat on the way to the Colosseum.