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Really getting a kick out of the Zombies, Run! Finally a reason for me to keep running...

Tonight's Parting Shot: Tree Pose and Downward Dog

Learn about the making of my most recent project: Nat the Gnat for ! -

Learn about the making of my most recent project: Nat the Gnat for ! -

My "love letter" to all of the people I've had to deal with today.

Parting Shot: Sneak peek of upcoming project!

My dog of 14.5 wonderful years passed away last night. Rest in Peace, Rini AKA one of the greatest Rinis ever.

The things I find on Craigslist while job hunting. Motorhome?

Spending the day on new business card designs. Here's the proposed backside!

Link to the Past fanatics: Does this little guy look familiar?

Parting Shot: Princess Zelda! Coming soon as a sticker and button... :3

Finally coloring the title character of Legend of Zelda!

Parting Shot: New Drawing Sneak Peek!

Yeah, yeah. I got it right here. Again, not one of my highest points in high school.

I suppose I'll play along - On the trolley after an afternoon in Downtown (senior year of HS). #throwbackthursday

Visitor Stats on Random Goods. Got a few international visitors (and Oman?)...

WIP: New chibi self-portrait!

New self-portrait for new business card design!

Line art for fanart project. Kanata has no time for your sass... :3

New Button Display for Random Goods!