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Chocolate appreciator, triathlete, homo sapien. In that order. --Tweeting towards the London Olympics--

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Parking up on the bike in Canberra is a bit different sometimes...

All are welcome at my house (try the honey chicken)

Good ol' #AIS dining hall. Only elite sporting institute in the world that offers cherry topped lamingtons at dinner.

setting up in transition pre Paris Grand Prix. Reckon Kaz'd like that one???

Getting my team bike ready for tomorrow. Pimped out team trailer w/ on the side is sweet!

after 12 hours I made it to Beauvais. One good thing came out of the day...

The only way to start and finish the day in France. Just need to find a way to get 6 months worth back home.

View from the back door... Ahh the tranquility.

Double shot o'clock.

watch the news. I didn't cop the worst of it....

The white flash(before it becomes the muddy flash riding in melb weather)

How's that for patriotism... Aussie Aussie aussie this puppy!

Pre-run stroll not the worst place to wake up:

Today's well earned treat...Koko Black:

In double figures!

Sitting in post op waiting for all clear to get on outa here an recommence the festive celebrations!

The day has yet to begin

Banana bread brunch with beautiful mon Cheri at cream. Then 4 a spot of shopping.

Metal man