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my little orange perfect Round Rock donut holes.

Hershey is asleep on my stomach and I want food.


Since when was Texas allowed to have temperatures under 90 degrees? #hellofall

after almost six months with an expired registration, i finally got it renewed.

hookah art

boyfriend is the best bed ever.

am i pretty yet?

lakeside trying not to feel sorry for myself.

horseshoe bay, i have arrived.

fucking finally.

you're a fucking idiot.

you're fucking kidding, right, Texas? i need to get a pool or lake asap.

it's raining so much!

it's going down. holla at your girl~~~ #chrisangel

while on top of the stratosphere, I rode a ride in which was 900+ feet in the air and spun me. #suckit

also, this kid is my life.

my boyfriend is playing sims of me
and him, while I'm away. also, we're meant for eachother for this reason.