I draw things. I like bears.

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Iceland... This time, you have gone too far

your stuff is so smooooooth! You can always see pencil scribble lines in mine :( admittedly, this was rushed

So that's me told, then. #letterfromwetherspoons #hotsauce

Looking much more glam than me in my (un)flattering garb this evening

They were half of my pirate crew (the other two weren't quite so fortunate)

DEATH BY TEA!! *glub glub glub*

I have had to piss in the dark three fucking times in this pub tonight

My Daisy. Still can't delete her photos from my phone #TweetAPhotoYoullNeverDelete

I gots cold feets

That doesn't look like its been bled in a long time

This is what happened to our bassist midway through our gig last night...

Everyone on this train is looking at this beautiful little face

And he squeezed my arm here


So I met Ian McShane and he signed my drawing

I may touch this up later but for now this is finished. Mr Ian McShane, innit.

WIP Swearengen. Haven't drawn a portrait in aaaages. I've also lost all my erasers.

pressure doesn't look too bad there but got the bath hot tap on full and it's pathetic.

oh I photographed my boiler. Cause I'm cool http://twitpic.com/dtw5f7

oh I photographed my boiler. Cause I'm cool