I draw things. I like bears.

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On Friday, Hoopleheads are playing live at ... Please share if you're local. And come along.

Treasured memories... #rikmayall

I want to cry :( he had such an influence on me

These are not the props I'm looking for :(

I share with you the last meal of our holiday...

found a pic of one - look at its angry face!

like this?

Ask and you shall receive http://twitpic.com/e3h9j4

Ask and you shall receive

Now I'm too full and dying on my hotel bed. BUT I did get to see Johnny Cash's shoes in my final hours...



these are the views http://twitpic.com/e30w9v

these are the views

Ceiling when we first complained bout damp/leaking and ceiling now

Had one of those moments where your timeline falls into place

Iceland... This time, you have gone too far

your stuff is so smooooooth! You can always see pencil scribble lines in mine :( admittedly, this was rushed

So that's me told, then. #letterfromwetherspoons #hotsauce