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Philly sports writer. Covering college football (@KevinOnCFB) for @CFTalk of NBC Sports. This is where I go to escape the college football madness.

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Decided to treat myself to a free from . Now time to really get day started. #SipandTell

Received a chance to try out #SmashBros a full week before the 3DS demo comes out. Have three codes I can share.

Thought #Nebraska sent me a deck of playing cards, but it turned out to be right double A batteries. #FearAmeer

Just dug out my old iPod Touch and plugged it in to charge. It thinks it is December 31, 1969!

Just got a brand new computer today, an iMac. Still rocking this old Gateway mousepad though.

This jerk left an opening out of the parking lot until I pulled up to turn in front of him.

This dude is determined to be the only guy on the beach in this wind with an umbrella. The struggle is real.

Saw RT this from someone. Had to check for myself. Hilarious.

Mission accomplished.

. manager getting his words in after getting tossed. Ump said Jo-Jo Reyes didn't make tag on 1st base line.

The won’t let you buy two tickets if it leaves a single seat in the same row? That’s ridiculous. #Phillies

Oh my, can’t believe I saved these Nintendo Power trading cards. Remember these ? #TBT

Ha! I have this Michael Jordan baseball card too.

Just found ’s favorite non-Phillies player.

Not sure what happened to Brian Barber’s baseball career, but I have his senior photo… I mean rookie card.

Ooh, just found these two.

These Sportsflics cards from Kellogg’s cereals in 1992 were pretty cool. #TBT

Apparently I have this card in my collection. Looking good !

I taped the final game at the Spectrum... on audio tape, not VHS. #TBT

Going through old baseball and football cards. This one is for you, . #TBT #Phillies