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Remind me again why there are pigeons in this airport?

This was my little boyfriend at 8 months

My barbapapas have a new friend...

I got to puppy sit outside of a cafe yesterday bc this little guy was scared to stay alone!

Pot hole cover. Citizen action. #peasantville

And I'd never buy clothes for my man from a place called "Man Chic" #peasantville

Look nice...but are merely poor attempts at the French version!

meet Zizou

She's so sad that her best friend (my husband) left home without her.

I seem to be the only fool who can't see how this car flipped w/ <3ft on either side to maneuver.

And this is the new body image... Boy have I got all my stuff in the wrong places!!

Haven't opened a fashion mag in years. This is what we're up to now?

OMG HOWTF does this happen on a narrow single lane street flanked by cars on both sides!!!????

Other purposes like...a bidet??

My little friend is back but she climbed onto my lap after this shot.

Our second cat, MoonBoot, insists on coming inside in evening to snuggle up. Too bad I'm allergic!

The white truffle. Down exactly €722/kg from two years ago... Why?

Work it. Over 60

time to change my avatar

. Maybe I don't look smart, just look like my glasses are 75% of my face.