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About halfway... this is how I feel about road trips without

BAhahaha truer words may never have been spoken

At the airport, sooooo might as well #bymyself

Look at this contraption #love #iwant

Ohhhh really? Do tell how that is done.

My favorite kind of flowers to get #thaaaaankyou

This is why we're friends

Surprise package! Note: "just in case you need some green for St.Patrick's day get togethers. Love, mom" #bestmom

Thank you for the flowers #youknowwhoyouare

Myyyyy brother cooked me a sympathy dinner I think #haha #singlegirlprobz

Happy Valentine's Day from my parents... I think they felt bad #singlegirlprobz

Yepp that's allllll mine #nobigdeal

Part 2.. ummmm I think I'll pass.

Looking through my texts from last night and found the this... part 1

Even pink scrubs aren't that cute

My mom can always make my day.

Nails done, great lunch, delicious margaritas.. now to work.

My foot can see where the staple on my bone is. #coolshitttt

Yay for new hott pink tennis shoes :-)) #loooooovemesomepink

I just want to go back ro Vegas to our same hotel room.

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