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i get money. i get paper. i get boys all different flavors ;) @ccarli_renee @alana_raee @t_mcgee4 @CrazyDave427 @TDizzyFoShizzy THE CREW 3

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My new purttyy iphoneS

Jibblet & majjjj

Cookout with majjj jibblet & grace

Goodmorning from my doll of a puppy (:

tyler is napping outside of old navy. Hahah

Kentucky gamee #familytime

fall nails (:

waking up to some MW3 >>> #goodmorning

My kik isnt working :(

Concert tonighhhhhht! (:

downtown (:

Under the loft tonight (:

chillin with my bro #grumpybro

Who's a sweetheart? Treyyyy for filling up my tires

trey driving & carlifriess dj-ing >>>> on point!

traffic...... <<<<<<

Yeahh crusaders <3

you mean this? (; hahah you could deff do it. Sooo cool.

the gulfstream!

Pool all day longggg

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