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screw NDAs, this goes all the way to the top

oh that reminds me of this cool thing i'm working on

i always thought gabe was constructed using the number 2013

i'm in this for the long haul, 7%. i'm not giving up on you

pic from TBS's "king of the nerds" website. go mine some other subculture, you knobs

man these kids wear crowns over here and everything is all right

what am i doing, this is killing me (minor broodhollow spoilers)

here's my attempt at "power outage while shaving"

oh yes, here i was in 2011 on new year's eve

here's chief engineer blitzer and the news warp core

really digging CNN's CGI news bridge, a journalistic combination of minority report and the holodeck

"the sons of the prophet were valiant and TROLLED"

mars panorama panorama! i used photomerge to panorama the panorama

. how did you make it sharper?! i meant more like this

they're no quatchi, i tell you what

whew, out of the woods. these will make it in time for SDCC (and only SDCC) #starslip

i will have these at SDCC! #starslip