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Because of Sherlock, I knew the name of the hat when this clue came up on #Jeopardy.



have you played it? If not, it's this.

Tumblr's added the sun logo found on the Philippine flag to their own logo in order to help those hit by the typhoon.

You guys do realize that 's #JeremyWade will NEVER be on Instagram, right? #wishfulthinking

So excited for the return of tonight.

LAYTON. Well, not quite...but yeah.

I have this to fix. I kind of jacked up a couple of those GIFs earlier smh.

This'll be on @ 6PM. I highly doubt we'll need a certain biologist/extreme angler though. Good luck OBX from 757.

Good! I saw parts of this match earlier.

Nope! Wouldn't do this even attempt this, ever.

He said he probably wouldn't repeat that experience again. Mmhmm. #RiverMonsters Jay Leno's a good sport.

Photo's unrelated but these little guys were munching away on the front yard a few min. ago when I was in the kitchen

Uh huh #ACR

Wow..what a glitch this is on ACB

Um, I don't think Ezio should be floating off to space http://twitpic.com/clh1q7

Um, I don't think Ezio should be floating off to space