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i went out to take a pic too. :)

bunnies reaaaaally like our backyard.

Bus advertisements never lie.

haha. here’s the baby blanket i made that i’m basing the room colors on! :)

text from my husband: “Either the colors on the TV are weird or detroits goalie is a zombie”. my response: “zombie”

you know the weather channel has jumped the shark when...

my app says its -4° here! I like your app better Tom. Lol.

When I unwrapped this gift I thought my mom forgot to give me something from Disney circa 1985.

went to Phipps tonight to take photos of the beautiful outdoor light display. it was cold, but worth it!

Utz are what I grew up eating. They're my favorite! Here's my absolute fav flavor:

found another new flavor on our travels today.

Ice popsicle tree in Snow Shoe, PA.

it's just a *little* cold here.

did you know target has boots named after you??☺️

I see your poutine chips and raise you maple bacon chips.

I think I walked enough today.

oooo. I'm shivering in mah boots.

I'm really winning with today's steps.

This came out awesome thanks ! Can't wait to give it to my sis for her birthday! #jerseypride

Glass night 21+ night!