a.k.a nunuu in several video gaming communities. Loves cute animals, esp. bunnies. Expect lots of retweets of them. Serial tweeter.

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Almost a year of logins but I had the game for longer, I think. #DefenderofTexel #iOS #Android

Yes, American app, we live in igloos. (Not sure if that icon is used for all places with really cold weather though.)

I guess the game no longer makes money? I also read that GREE is shrinking recently. Oh well.

Looks like the dev for Scaresoul never bothered to hire someone that knows English. #SeeImage #WTF

This dev lists the music he used in the game. Boy, that is sure some Chopin love. #Android

Surprised cat.

These chicks can be flapped! #Android

Syncing a crap ton of apps to my iPad mini. X_x 10 GB free after all this. Will probably delete a bunch afterwards. :P

This cute ornament was in the bag. ^^~

Today is a day of gifts! ^o^~

Hey, big spender~


There's a fucking Mikudayo too. >_< #ProjectDIVAF #PS3 #hate

Girly Len~ #ProjectDIVAF #PS3



This guy was either short on breath or dying when he wrote it. #Android #PlayStore

It's here~~~! ^____^~ #TinyFarm #Android #iOS

Kaito's outfit. :V Kind of tempted to swap him into another spot so he can do girly moves. #ProjectDIVAF #PS3