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I've gained a few pounds since break so what

Happy holidays everybody!

Look at her going off to her first day of work with snake skin heels and dried cum on her face

Doane does bad bad things to you "you want these"-Britany

I once saw jessica monroe wear army pants and flip flops so I bought army pants and flip flops.

My kitchen is floating

I thought bullying only happened in high school. Welcome to college ya dweeb!

Pregaming for work.

My computer just asked if I wanted an abortion. #technologythesedays

People at schramm get pink eye in both eyes #peopleatschrammgetpinkeyeinbotheyes

Flossing with hair at neihardt #flossingwithhairatneihardt

Mom "wish I were here" me too mommy me too!

"Something dies inside when you get an abortion" "yea your baby"


Correction: he's faded

Someones faaaded

I don't think we planted enough pumpkins this year!

Sam and his baby!

Text from ben caption: "goody goody gum drops" ha

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