i told my husband i would never do this. hypocrite- i vow to be the best one ever.

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the top shelf

the door

Meanwhile I still have this hideous valance up that the previous owners left 9 YEARS AGO!

I'm gonna drink this. It's charcoal.

I like when I find stuff like this, when I'm going through my various hoards. Wonder where it came from?

you see, I was too focused on this, at first. Neat, huh?

I don't know if this breakfast looks good or like poop. Chocolate hemp milk, raspberry, overnight oatmeal.

I was famous, y'all! I modeled for Hilton hotels! You know me! My picture hung in the Greenville airport, damnit!

This bunny just stole a chipotle Doritos out of my hand!!!

I love this girl and she doesn't even know! Publix employee: Did you find everything ok? Her: I hope so!

Just for me! Menopause sleeping problems- fixed! On the publix discount rack!

Do you like beer? Do you like creme brûlée? This Southern Tier Crème Brûlée is just for you! xoxo- rachel

Rutledge and Calhoun accident. Right in front of me.

What cheese should I match with this?

Been doing this the past 2 days with the kids. This one is called "the eagle."

Case in point. We own 2 jump-ropes. Liz is using my ONLY measuring tape as a jump-rope. Jane is sitting on the floor.

Does it look awful? I can't have the perfect I want.

Safety first!

Guinea pig is drinking water right now- I can totally blame it on him