i told my husband i would never do this. hypocrite- i vow to be the best one ever.

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Let's play a game. It's called: who is this? I'll let have the first guess.

Y'all. I love this woman I know and I appreciate her enthusiasm but NO NO NO....

I bought these for myself. Why do toddlers get all the good stuff?

. couldn't resist the bear snuggle any longer.

Omg... Braggy braggerton! My present! Ten year band!

Popped the bubbly. And this is real Champagne, y'all! It tastes like lemon and violets.

the answer is yes.

come do the circus class with me. It's much more fun! I sweat too much at Barre.

true- the picture shows a more scooped neckline

Or wear it with this blinged out belt I made

Or this

I could sew this on

First, here is the dress: simple LBD

Ok 10pm. Time for bed for me. But here's one last picture of me before I go. Because vanity.

Ok I know y'all have been dying for a picture of me at circus class. Here's a fav pose of me:

I bought real Champagne for my anniversary on Friday. I thought you'd be happy for me.

Look at how colorful my salad is!

My passenger tonight: