c l o u d : )


hi im claudia. Its pronounced cloud-ear :) if :) say :) claw-deer :) ill :) punch :) you :) in :) the :) face : )

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can you send me some tempest gum? I'm all out!

TICKETS CAME IN THE MAIL! See you in Melbourne!

change this?

She took a great picture of her chin

Daisy took her own selfies #talenteddog

Pulling funny faces, taking selfies with my dog. This is procrastination at its finest

Also did my nails because I was bored

This is what I do when I'm bored. I've got $90.65 of coins

My dog is super clingy this Easter morning

She takes up like half the couch



HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY! wooooop wooop #flashbackfriday #towhenwemet

selfies with my baby

My hair looks like an explosion

What procrastination leads to...

She thinks she owns my room

Found this muffin under my desk

What me and my brother do to my sisters laptop she leaves it on and she's not in the room

Who pulled a plant out from the ground and brought it in the house? This cheeky bugger