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Daily Kneesockz: Obnoxiously Striped Knee Socks. The kitty seems to be interested in them.

  • 2714 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Pink Argyle. I'm tired. Don't look at me.

  • 2718 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Orange Knees.

  • 2719 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: The St. Patrick's Day Edition. I don't care if it's a holiday. I'm still not waking up. I nap herez.

  • 2720 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Black and white Over the Knees. I don't actually have to turn that thing on, do I?

  • 2721 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Green Strawberry Knee Highs out in the wild at #pubcon. ;)

  • 2725 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Green and White Knee Highs. Perfect for a rainy Austin day at #pubcon.

  • 2726 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Purple & Pink Over the Knees. Perfect for a dreary flying day. Austin, TX, here we come!

  • 2727 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Grey legs & yellow knees. It's Monday and it's raining. Who wants Boggle? Anyone?

  • 2728 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Valentine's Day tights. I'm either really late or really early. My legs don't care.

  • 2731 days ago via site
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Daily Knee Socks: Blue Argyle. Thursday should be spent by the fireplace. Agreed?

  • 2732 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Mismatched We Love Colors. I swear these matched in my head.

  • 2733 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Blue Argyle Over the Knees. Is it Tuesday night yet?

  • 2734 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Ninja knee socks + a case of the Monday's.

  • 2735 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Black and white checkered knee socks. With pink toes! And, um, I lost a sock. :(

  • 2739 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Black and White Striped Knee socks. And yes. This is New York.

  • 2740 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Brown and Orange Over the Knees. Or something. I don't know. YOU name 'em! :)

  • 2741 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Blue and Yellow Little Missmatched. No one tell anyone my socks are mismatched, k? Shh.

  • 2745 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Mismatched Toe Socks - for the days when you need to be adorably ridiculous.

  • 2746 days ago via site
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Daily Kneesockz: Grey and Pink Legwarmers, 100 percent Flashdance style!

  • 2747 days ago via site
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