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Like a dot matrix printer in the sky…

Printout of a photo of a sign to not feed the birds in Kona. I suppose the message has not been diluted.

Nothing says “I hate you” like Spam-flavored macadamia nuts.

Um Barnes and Noble? Game Stop would like their soap dispenser back.

The foodie’s version of a romantic bouquet.

Do you happen to remember a young Japanese guy meeting you in SLC in mid '70s? My dad’s treasures:

Rummaging through my parents’ house and found my old Sony Pocketstation. I wonder if I have my old PS1…

Today’s farmer’s market find : Pioppini mushrooms from Far West Fungi.

Oh look, both EV parking spots occupied at Japantown garage. #volt #leaf

Was reading and noticed a feature on Outer Richmond. Huzzah!

Had to go to 2 to find your Swirtle. Found this fallen in the back behind the Ben & Jerry’s.

So, today was not the best day to go to #BaytoBreakers

Following the bus to Mt. Diablo for the !

Room temp in San Francisco at 1 AM. What the what?!

Postcard phishing scam? How very analogue. Says I need to call w/in 48 hrs… of what?!

Tiny cone does the job.

3 hr delay and display fail.

This is wrong on so many levels…

here’s some creepy donut bears to cheer you up. :)

First order of business: bake cookies.

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