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Dann dachte ich mir

Hmm… ich hab das nicht. Geht nur bei Freumdaccounts… Vielleicht geht da was…


Anyway, he had me at “Peter Molyneux”, and then once more at “Populous”


Wir (TheCodingMonkeys) arbeiten gerade an was mit Schweinen, und hatte diese Idee :D

Jupp, bitteschön:

Boah hat viele bookmarks.

Friedensnobelpreis für den seelenlosen Stahlbolzen!

What’s blue and round and entirely overrepresented?

There are many interesting UIView properties, but “potentiallyHasDanglyConstraints” is my favourite.


I thought so at first, but I just discovered we use it as the Quick Game Background :)

Manga Camera guys are not actually doing any sneaky stuff (note 2nd square). It’s Apple’s UI that sucks (ty )

When you press Cancel, Game Center just puts a gun to your head and asks you nicely one more time.

uh oh…