Scotty Talley


31 years old, video-gamer, enjoyer of many types of music, all-around-nice-guy, and most recently, a brony.

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Discord. SWAG. #SakuraCon

The world famous Flim Flam Brothers! #SakuraCon

And something i delight in seeing every day. Happy, relaxed kitteh

Well, here's something you don't see every day... Old school cop car

Its a little cold this morning. Charly and Tilly keep each other warm while enjoying the view outside #cute #cats

Charlbles sometimes falls asleep jn the oddest positions. #cute #cat

Fuuuuuuuu- somebody rear-ended my parked car at some point yeaterday. Haven't even had the car for two months yet!

here's sketch for the comic idea you tossed my way. Sorry its late-back problems kept me from arting

Charbles taking a nap on one of my blankets #cute #cat

My two cats, Charlotte & Tilly sun themselves while i go about making lunch

inspired by recent events involving robo combat.

saw this at a meetup thought you might like to see

Last on didn't seem to go thru. Pen sketch of Rainbow Dash, no refs, so o think i goofed on her mane'n'tail

Pen sketch - my first attempt at Raimbow Dash no referrence, so i'm pretty sure i got her mane'n'tail wrong.

My little post-it!

thank you! Arrived today, and i am very happy with her! Also love the super detailed accessories!

I'm sorry Charly, Derpy does not jave any letters for you today