Front-end web developer with lefty and arts leanings. Interested in sustainability, vegan eats and barefoot walks in the snow.

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l'il snoozer. Pikku Lucy.

Doot's mad, but we have a new Pikku!

Ceci n'est pas une Doot.

Oh no u dit'nt

Lucy and her tabby bullseye

OMFG will you look at these ears.


What my #ms150 #clockwork team is dealing with: That wind's blowing from the south...

Back on the wagon with

Balcony blanket fort

escaping cat.

Cheers, !!! me = fried. Interstate driving is teh suck. #cw10

fresh bottle of Sriracha and a rainbow hat! #Clockwork


henna mud under a produce bag. classy.

So I was in 's building last night, close enough to see her wiFi network. People were fencing:

still on the green side:

Got goo on my shoos:

iworkfortheinternet dot org: http://t.co/waoEz2uH Stop #SOPA! #fightforthefuture http://fightforthefuture.org/