ElectricLady #13


I'm just a soul whose intentions are good oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood ~ Me'Shell I got a look the Gods agree they wanna see

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I need to find someplace else to wear this dress, ASAP.

I need to find someplace else to wear this dress, ASAP.

I saw this at the bookstore fell out. You are not alone.

I'm a day late for #WCW - ioncurr.

In the meantime...... #ticktocktitties

Any of my wise Twitterati have an idea of what this symbol means? Or where I can find out?

Decided it was too hot to go strolling. Went to a new thrift store and picked this up, instead. #wiggleseyebrows


Not a patio. Not alcohol. Nothing cheesy OR fried. #heavyfuckingsigh it'll do, though.

I'm recycling the IKEA, the whole IKEA, nothing but the IKEA. Sheesh.

Who told Summer she was excused?! I suspect this young lady had something to do with it. #sideeyes

#sideeyesclock #heavysigh I've gotta admit, Dawn is a pretty fuckin #ratchetarseheaux

Also. I need this in my life.

60% complete. Well, not counting the table that has to be assembled, too. #happydance

I'm off to an excellent start. Putting these together is going to go faster than I thought, I think.

Sup y'all? Friday treating you good?

finally getting a backsplash put in. #happydance

Tiny slice of heaven - shout out to for hooking a sista up!!