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♬ 'I Need All The Friends I Can Get' - Camera Obscura ♪

Got free type poster by from this am's ! #sgiscreative

♬ 'Black Bird' - Evan Rachel Wood ♪

♬ 'This is the Life' - Two Door Cinema Club ♪

♬ 'Je Te Veux' - Lionel Suarez, Jérôme Regard, Olivier Soumali, Benoît Convert & Sandra J. ♪ :)

♬ 'Our House Below - Movie Version' - Cécile Corbel ♪ - Nothing but a Miyazaki soundtrack while painting

♬ 'Marilyn's Theme' - Conrad Pope & Lang Lang ♪

♬ 'Float On' - Modest Mouse ♪ Farewell, little drummer boy.

Broken. A #portrait #illustration for #Fashion

Okay, halfway now. Woot! #illustration

Evil Cacti! #illustration

what's winter without a yeti! roar! #illustration

shit. I'm actually making progress. haha #illustration

#distance is not always scary #illustration

little piece of heaven #plant geek

lookie: karl's small panda ref!

apple.com pays tribute to #SteveJobs

#keepcalm and #kungfu

#keepcalm #kungfu