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Had to sit down THIS close to home - tendons are killing today!

This dropped through my door today. Thank you !

These are so GOoD! Just wish I could get the yogurt on it's own as the fruit layer has carbs.

Simba is getting soft in her old age!

diary and that they would be honoured when I went back. See? Then Philippa says different year/section.

He looks so innocent when he's asleep ... 14 weeks old now and he's a little monster!

Lamb burger with cheese, mushrooms, peri peri roasted cauliflower and a mountain of soya beans. Yum. :-)

Oh, I really would be ...

See? He's up and down to the luggage rack so often I don't know why he doesn't just get the whole six pack down!

Had a lovely afternoon with at , then sharing this. Now 90mins wait for a train home.

Flowers for nan. Three years ago today since we said goodbye.

Jaffa can get on top of the bird cage. They don't even care! This cat is 13 weeks today and he is TROUBLE!

Who'd believe this little cutie split my lip open jumping on my face at 5am today? There was blood *everywhere*!

Jaffa is actually sat totally across Simba and she's not even bothered!

Happiness is ... A warm cockatiel cuddled up on my shoulder. I love my two babies so much. :-)

I know they're not in order but have I missed any songs from the show on Saturday night?

I think , and may identify with this one to varying degrees!

Bottoms of my legs are both like this after Saturday. Not too sore now though.


It's horrific - excuse West End Live sunburn/hair after 16 hours out but I met the lovely last night!