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What the hell is up with size of the new issue of Remix magazine? Shit almost killed me when it landed on my desk

The key to a good presentation is remembering to change your background image. Because clients don't want to see this:

Why is trying to send me Acid House. Mark As > Read

Without a doubt my Dad is the coolest person I know. Here's to you Mr. Sewpershad - Happy Birthday

This person has been deleted from Facebook

Brooklyn Nets. That shit gravy

My mum is probably more hip than your mum (she has a lot of dogs)

Use the force, Tupac cc/

I pre-ordered the album on iTunes and all I got back was a 'fuck you' message :/

Things like this that both make my life hard and keep me in a job

Got that + swag on in the office today.

Got my Thomas the Tank Engine lunch box at work today. Gots me some Orzo salad, apple, cigarettes and an easter egg.

Your secret is out from

My cat clearly missed me while I was away. She's inspecting everything I do!

Monique says you're a dick.

Hacked up my Facebook profile. Productive day off

My car made it onto episode 2 of Underbelly. Go Courtney!