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A typical Friday, 2 hundred oz's. I'm looking for that girl, where u at? I'm ready!!!!

My Razorback Swagg!!!! Go Hogs!!!!

Kinda a Cubs fan at heart lol

Deja vu time, nobody pregames like ya boy. Night is still young and many things to conquer this evening!!!

The answer to all the world's problems are at the btm of this bottle. Let's make the world a better place lol!!!

All this for $13, it's like Xmas around this mofo lol

Fort Wayne North beotch, this is how we kick it. #armystrong

Razorbacks 4 life beotch!!!!

way ahead of u lol

Tonight is gonna be great #mobweek

Forget what lil d@$k mofo's say, size matters lol. 22 oz of goodness right here

Make it rain baby!!! Titties titties titties

Rum and diet coke + cigar homie

Happy Hour #ilovemylife

Am I the only one still drinking 40oz's?

I'm streaming porn with 4G speeds today lmbo

Beer sampler on deck, which one will win tonight. I'm having a NCAA bracket style tourney!!! Lol #ilovemylife