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This is what has to do to get more followers

Oh don't worry I found ur baby pic

#imtiredofseeing Basic bitches.. This is the side affect of drinkin too much smart water... You go full retard

This bitch hogging the whole window pissin me off #Iwillnever slap a female #Iwillnever slap a female #Iwillnever slap a female

Our flight attendant looks like something out the Grinch... #Iwillnever fly Delta again

Nancy just chillin waitin 4 the food! LAZY ASS!

Women hard at work in the kitchen like THEY SUPPOSED 2 BE

Real Niggas drink Ragu

I know yall wanna see a funny picture so I will provide!

#ibelieve this pic will make you "lol"

Now check out da Lex! Cleeeeeeeeean!

Bout 2 get my car washed this is what it looks like now thanks 2 that bitch ass bird.. I'm eatin chicken tonite F*** PETA

Check out Taz ridin shotgun like he run shit!

#everydayiwakeup and get head just like this

I'm at step practice with and she need new fingers..

I just got a $100 parking ticket.. And they wonder why black ppl sell drugs

#letsbereal dis nigga is slightly #suspect

I can't tell if this girl has a long booty or no booty... Regardless I still took a picture

Ima get 2 u hatred shortly but 1st look at this pic and "lol" immediately

Nite Nite Twitter! Here is the LOL SMILEY FACE pic for the nite