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I drink soy milk so I can eat more cheese. I work for Disqus & blog about things.

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It's cooled down considerably and is quite lovely out right now. #lakemerritt

Neat clouds this morning. Sign said it was 69 out, but it felt much cooler. Supposed to be hot again - maybe not?

Chafed knuckles from setting up beanbag chairs at the office. At least the seats are comfy

The fruits of my labor. Too hot for lids yet. I promise, this is my last bolognese-related post.

A little less chunky and a little lighter in color than in the pics from but tastes great. Now to Tupperware it because it's too late to eat it. :)

Filming Will's hockey game so the team can study. #Sundaynight #literallycool

A morning at the lake with my favorite monkey and her mama. And a princess bike. :)

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Lunch at from . Want some? Work here! :)

Lunch at . You know you want to work here!

It really is lovely, walking home by the lake.

It really is lovely, walking home by the lake.

I spent the morning building and organizing this for . So much better than bags on the floor! #gotafunjob

...and a new view. I could get used to this walk!

New friends on my way to work

On our way to ! Bachelorette!

Second piece of art hung. Yay art. Yay walls.

First piece of artwork hung in the new apt. :)

Shana Tova, dudes

Oh my goodness, it's almost fall...which means almost time to decorate for fall. #seasonaldecoratingnerd