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We have one of everything (left side)... #tackiestyarddecs .autojim

Tonight's entry in #tackiestyarddecs contest: "decorated while drunk" .

counters with this gem in the "more money than sense" category. #tackiestyarddecs. .

. starts off strong with his first entry in the small house category. #tackiestyarddecs

Because as a student in a low-income area, I'm used to blue food?! (Cafeteria picture from Title I school)

My unagi was better than your unagi. .

I feel the need...for an accent wall behind the sofa. #fb


Having a scintillating experience with and the New Blood Orchestra. #fb

Enjoyed injera & kitfo til K said the injera reminded her of skin. Brain said "Silence of the Lambs" and my meal ended.

Concessions list at Wortham Theatre. Jerky?! I guess we *are* in Texas.

Just got passed by a vintage Delorean outside the Improv where Tom Wilson is standing up (comedy).

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