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I hope to be an artist one day but the only artistry that I've been doing recently is to twist words to a purpose I will never tell.

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That night at Kitchen with my boys. Just looking through some old ones.:)

Celebrating a seemingly new chapter of my life. Not making a big fuss but I'm happy.

Pizza, beer, wings, and being lolas.

Yummy but a bit pricey. Good iced tea though.

Manag's Chicken date. Dinner! What is mababaw?

Because I'm impatient, that's why.

Old habits die hard with me.

This is why this Farmer's Market is a slice of heaven. Super sweet strawberries and cherries its crazy! Not to mention the food. :'(

A tiny tree of dreams, wishes, hopes, and thanks. God knows I have a lot of those.

And a nice cap-off to my delightfully delightful dinner! Thank you Universe for making me feel better!:)

Heaven in a bento box.

Little Tokyo at Downtown L.A. Whee!

Excuse me. I think I just stepped on some strawberries. Lack of leg room. Huge little buggers.

I'll be back San Francisco. And I'll explore every bit of you when I do!

The Lot of my dreams. I would give anything to be part of this. In front or behind the camera.

I cried! They were playing every classic Disney princess theme music. And Peter Pan!

I cried. They were playing Disney Princess musics.:'(

Its not really the best but I need my tummy ache medicine a.k.a merlot.

The pretty and diverse San Antonio Riverwalk. My kind of community.

Hook 'Em Horns! I'm not a big fan of football but this stadium is infectious!

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