I'm like an alcoholic, but for margaritas.

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Aaron Rodgers IS Warren Riker …
#SuperBowls #Grammys

Birfday boy getting ready to party:

These are the notes my husband took during our Labor Preparation class this morning.
Is this normal?

Lisa & Steve Coulter from TSAR!

nice pic of you & the mrs.

Been friends since age 13.
Love my buddies.

Off to my baby shower.
Bless you, my children.

Hey Cruella!
What is that lump of shit under his drum set?

You are all idiots.

Got the new iPhone... Now if AT&T
Would stop failing...imagine the fun we'd be having : /

This week is the week. I'm feelin it.

It's official :)

Going to the chapel....

When will they learn? I am The best FB hacker ever. No matter what u change your password to, I will figure it out:

Wow. Back so soon?

This is fun, !
Here's mine: very pregnant with a touch of perv...natch.

British friends: does Newcastle run this ad in England? Whack.