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Hi! I'm a New York Times bestselling YA author. I also give the most awkward hugs in the world. You should probably opt for one of my books over one of my hugs.

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Dear Publishers Who Follow Me: I hereby volunteer my husband if you ever need a picture book about cuttlefish.

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A friend sent this, substituting "Anything Else" for "Bang on the drum." Yes. True. SO PAINFULLY TRUE.

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Yummy ARCy goodness! This one's easier to mimic than Paranormalcy. I have no couture formals, sadly.

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A portrait of the author at work, as taken by her four-year-old son. Yes, my office is the couch and the floor.

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"You need to get back to work finishing the third book. Oh, also, here you go!" Mixed messages from .

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Evie with a British accent! (Okay, fine, it's the UK edition. I'm pretending Lend talks different in this one.)

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What happens when your kids can shop for you in the little boys' section. Merry Christmas, all! #happiness

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Thanks to 's book I am now COMPLETELY DONE with my Christmas shopping. Hallelujah.

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Paranormalcy invited Anna for a slumber party! And she even gave her the top bunk.

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And...R2D2! Not quite working the "sexy" angle, but I've never been very good at that.

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Aww, my ethereally beautiful, tiny little six-year-old girl in her halloween costume!

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Question: Is she kissing him, or re-inflating his GIGANTIC head? I think the second, personally.

  • 2038 days ago via site
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What? Am I trying to break my heart by looking at pictures of my kids when they were babies? Yes. Yes I am.

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The biggest pumpkin in the world. Amazing! We are moving in as soon as the excavators clear out all the seeds.

  • 2050 days ago via site
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One of the many ridiculously awesome things Hot Stuff makes for me. Pop-out fake anime Valentine card? Yes please!

  • 2051 days ago via site
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It's the Team Lend baby! #dyingofcuteness

  • 2063 days ago via site
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My funny "rock star" moment. Would have been cooler had I not giggled the whole time. (SUCH adorable girls!)

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The only thing that could make signings better? PINK SHARPIES. Evie's very pleased. ( inspiration!)

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In honor of the NYT list, toast with me! (Sorry, I don't do champagne. Deal with it.)

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Interview option two. Floral detailing around neckline, skirt goes just past knees. #kitchenfashionshow

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