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Philly girl born and raised! #teamiPhone #teamPhillies #teamEagles #teamSongz  ~Live*Laugh*Love~

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Taking in the sun, doing what I love #horses #ridingislife

First sign that summer has truly began 

look what we found in my uncles closet #throwback #bringingbackmemories #albumcovers

This stuff smells amazing!

Oh yeaaaa super cool balloon for my sister

I love this city, I wouldn't mind living here one day #NYC #batterypark

Playtime with my sister turned into abstract art time....

don't get crazy now!

Please RT this!! Roy Wing was last seen at 15th and spring garden, if anyone has any info please let us know!!!

lmao #beiberfever

*sigh* 

Tryna get like this! #workhardplayhard #goal

Holy shit, walked out of the gym into a blizzard! 

was effin awesome!!!!! Really hope I run into him at a bar lol makeout session? Hopefully hahahah 

Practically in lap!!! Lol this is awesome

#np We Should Be....Trey Day is another great album! Love this one...

this is what I see lol it's an alien face!

Gotta clean my boots when I get home, got this nasty clay/mud shit all over then smh

How I'm keepin up today #bleedgreen #teamEagles

Had a great time with the fam!!

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