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husband, father and a guy on the radio program 'Derringer in the Morning' on Q107

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how hot is it?.... it's so hot out, this bike rack use to go straight across.

Either soccer nets are getting lower or I turned into Peter Crouch overnight.

Happy Canada Day, I'm such a huge flan of this country

My wife told me I never looked so hot.

I picked up this 'cooling station'. It cost a lot of money but I think it's worth it.

Found this old picture of me and Flairboy. I know it's old because it's when we had a six-pack.

Did you know you can BBQ these things called 'vegetables' on the grill? I've got proof

Nothing better than my 28 month old wanting to wear his Umbro England kit to bed rather than his pj's...proud dad I is

What is with the wind? Who ever is responsible, there will be hell toupee.

When playing soccer in a fire zone...Bear to the right

Me and this flour have a lot in common.