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Salt whisperer, nephrologist, runner, blogger and editor of @kidometer. Interests: teaching, medicine, electrolytes, CKD, and all things Apple #FOAMed advocate

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It was a very Catan Christmas

Fresh fruit? In a hospital? I never heard of such a beast.


This is hanging in one of our dialysis units. Anyone have a clue where the data comes from?

Pt reveling in his first post kidney transplant meal: yogurt & banana

It's the simple things we deny our pts they miss

$aapl up $30 to become world's most valuable company. Buh bye Exxon.

Residents confronted with an actual fil x-ray puzzle over it like an alien artifact.

Day 3 of DocTalk training. Boy, this might be the ugliest iOS program I have ever seen.

2-years with Four Square. Fun little app.

New Chanukah gift: origami stand and apple wireless keyboard. Works great. My iPad just got a lot more useful.


: Scuffle Breaks Out in Line for New Air Jordans

Saw these guys in line

Presentation amateur. Running your presentation in editing mode. How could you forget to go into full screen mode?

Office Christmas party. #Bacon wrapped water chestnuts.

just bought you one more day of blogging.

Resident and med stud on service. In strange twist resident is reading Ridiculously Simple and med stud reading Rose.

Oh Shit another "Go Live" Sunday. Just seeing the "Super User" shirt makes me cringe.

I need to go to more restaurants with portraits of dogs dressed as admirals.

Wow! 15 point check in!

For those interested on #RenalRun it's 1.5 miles from the Convention Center to The Art Museum

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