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Safari on Windows doing the #WebID + #OpenID Hybrid Protocol Dance via !

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Chrome On Windows doing the #WebID + #OpenID Hybrid Protocol Dance via

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#WebID + #OpenID Protocol Using Internet Explorer !!!

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<head/> section needs: <link rel="alternate" href="{Alternative-Representation-URL}" type="{mimetype}" .../>

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Showing options presented by iSPARQL which cover TBox (Dictionary) or ABox (Instance Data) or Link out to source Linked Data Space for a given URI.

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Architecture of Virtuoso's Linked Data Deployment Functionality Realm. HTML Descriptor pages bound to SPARQL endpoints

  • 2308 days ago via site
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Latest Amazon EC2 Pricing re. Virtuoso Cloud Edition

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Virtuoso Universal Server Amazon Paid AMI Plan

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What you should see when signing up to ODS via FOAF+SSL based WebID route.

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Using cURL to work from an HTML based Data Object (Entity) Descriptor Document URL: to its Subject's Generic HTTP scheme based Identifier: .

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Here is another example of the Perceivable Representation Trinity based on a FOAF Profile (Descriptor Document at a URL) that connects "Referent" to Private and Public Keys via an "Identifier" (Generic HTTP URI variety).

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The Perceivable Representation Trinity: Referent, Identifier, Descriptor. This is how we Perceive Data courtesy of Context (e.g. on the Web via a Web Document). With Linked Data we have "Descriptor Documents" added to mix.

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Attempts to connect OData Browser to an endpoint.

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Effects of recent sioc:User depreciation across SIOC and FOAF realms. Vital tweak that improves cohesion of linkage between both vocabularies.

  • 2379 days ago via site
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How SIOC, FOAF, and SKOS are connected. Note, this linkage provides a pragmatic substrate of Distributed Collaborative Solutions that leverage HTTP and RDF Model based Linked Data

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SIOC Overview -- A Based Model for Socially enhanced Personal & Organization oriented Linked Data Spaces

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Time Machine for Web of Linked Data. Another critical piece of underlying infrastructure taking shape unobtrusively, below surface.

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OpenLink's reality depicted re. Virtuoso and its role re. #DBpedia, #LOD Cloud, and they way things are perceived.

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Attachment by Reference UI that leverages WebDAV feature of Virtuoso based ODS-Mail.

  • 2400 days ago via site
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Screen #2 of interaction with OpenID site that leverages ODS support for FOAF+SSL+OPENID.

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