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first born son of Always and Never, I am Forever

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Do you see the white topped clear containers? Yea, those are salt. Found that one out the hard way. Who puts salt there?

The green means it's Gaelic, the green means it's good, the green means it's me in Ireland #fb

To anyone that knows me this trail of emails left to me is hysterical if you're good at finding hidden meaning #fb

mine drinks Heineken

Greetings from the Eastern Hemisphere #fb

That right there is the Mighty Mississippi #fb

Ummmmmm, I don't get it. Someone help please? #fb

Snow up to my knee in Brooklyn #fb

White gold baby, white gold #fb

I'm in the Staten Island version of the Jersey Shore... If I'm not back by tomorrow send a search party #fb

New York and its bi-polar weather conditions...

This meal cost me $14 here at the worlds most famous arena

My view at WWE Monday Night Raw!

I don't know, maybe having a crippling heroin addiction would make me want to quit. But them again, that's just me

When did A) the Mohawk become an acceptable hairstyle for children or B) children become smart enough to convince parents it is?

Of that's the case, why bother saying anything at all

Dear Nestle Quick Bunny, this statement is highly illogical. Please revise. Yours most humbly, Rob

This is my "doesn't want to work today face"

A bit too ostentaciois for a condo in Brooklyn, don't you think?

Look at your neighborhood magazine rack. It seems that the "teen" and "parenting" sections are now sharing a rack

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