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i'm a web designer ( who likes to cook, bike around the city and craft. I also have an etsy shop:

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Twitterdom help me ID this veg that I got from our CSA. I've seen it but the name escapes me. And what should I do with it??

  • 1729 days ago via site
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Dyed my hair a much darker red. Now I'm ready for autumn!

  • 1738 days ago via site
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And because I just didn't eat cookies for dinner...carrot and rice soup. Tasty!

  • 1739 days ago via site
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Chocolate chip espresso walnut cookie is almost cool. I couldn't resist a piece. Verdict? Yum.

  • 1739 days ago via site
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Tonight's dinner turned out really tasty.

  • 1760 days ago via site
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Green beans from our CSA along with a wack of other bold flavours. Delicious.

  • 1765 days ago via site
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Someone gave this tall sunflower a smile at the Cottonwood Community Gardens in Strathcona.

  • 1765 days ago via site
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Hello, breakfast! Just baked vegan pear, ginger & cardamom scones. Dollop of sour cherry jam. Hot coffee. Saturdays, I love you.

  • 1768 days ago via site
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Look what I managed to make in about 20 minutes...the start of some (hopefully) very delicious sour dills

  • 1782 days ago via site
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2kg of sour cherries carried safely home in my bike pannier. They are incredible.

  • 1824 days ago via site
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Buttermilk cherry sherbet made for a lovely cooling off this afternoon. Made w/o an ice cream maker, even. Delicious.

  • 1828 days ago via site
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Mystery green #2. What is it? Looks like gigantic cilantro! (again blurry, sorry!)

  • 1839 days ago via site
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Who can help me id this mystery green from my csa? Sorry for the blurry photo!

  • 1839 days ago via site
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Today's lunch. So glad I live beside Chinatown. Inspired by (the pork) & (Kam Gok Yuen). Every time I go to Kam Gok Yuen, I always get the duck. This time I went for the pork. Too good for words.

  • 1868 days ago via site
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Way bummed that my pink Chef'n Duel-Ended spatula busted. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • 1870 days ago via site
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Strawberry rhubarb crisp in morning bowl of Scottish oats. Mother-freaking-fantastic!

  • 1885 days ago via site
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Strawberry rhubarb crisp, the next day. Still delicious.

  • 1885 days ago via site
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Strawberry didn't overflow in the oven, but it does look rustic! I'm sure it will be delicious. Floppy dollops of whipped cream please!

  • 1918 days ago via site
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After not really having bangs for the past 7 years....the bangs are back, baby!

  • 1924 days ago via site
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Just waiting for our very first slice. How long does it need to cool anyway?

  • 1930 days ago via site
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