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...And also this. #Piquemackin'

This is happening in Mykonos right now. #Piquepackin

C-Ron & Irina are taking (towel) cover in Turkey...

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Iker looks on nervously as Sara Carbonero’s plastic surgeon describes their plans for 'further enhancements'.

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Nani and Kaka cracking a joke. Have we bored you to death with our incessant randomness? #Predator

Llorente short tent situ. Wait. We're supposed to be talking about footy boots aren't we? #Predator

Soz, here he is! Rather good at pretending he doesn't know we exist, no?

Why yes we're still stalking RVP, thanks for asking. #Predator

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In other news, RVP made eye contact. We're quite sure this means true, undying love. #Predator

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We're still stalking him. Ahem. #Predator

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Rodwell has his side-eye A game working today. Or, he's checking out Llorente's thighs. #Predator

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Rodwell is checking out Llorente's thighs. Can't really blame him. #Predator

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Be responsible. Take birth control before viewing this photo of Nando and underlings.

Bottoms up, Gareth!

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Do we need to talk about Iker's jumper? Just say the word. Or bring a book of matches

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Abbey Clancy for Glamour mag in shorts, boxing gloves and a Bridget Jones-style novelty jumper. We just want to know why.

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Get this creepy Santa away from our favourite marshmallow-made baby! Run, Kai, run!

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Will you be taking Sergio Ramos to your Eyes Wide Shut holiday party this year?

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