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American Studies/Communication Studies major at the University of Iowa.

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I have nine cats to hug. I started with this one.

I can't even sit down and read Rolling Stone without this happening. But what can I say? I love her.

Cat nipples.

Filling eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt at the grandparents'.

Glitter! Glitter everywhere! #glitteristheherpesofcrafts

She doesn't know it yet, but I'm 90% positive she's coming to my apartment with me in August. #Frankielove

Wind turbines! #Ijustreallylovethem

Things cats do in dresser drawers.

Not this again. #snow

Apparently my boots weren't made for wet, slushy snow. My feet are so wet!

Why? Just...ugh.

My shitty picture of Venus, 30 degrees south of the moon, and Jupiter, up on the left. #SpaceStuff

She's a biter.

Why is there always an over abundance of blue m&ms? #foodforthought

The registration number for my sims game is cursing at me.

The pile of packages (mostly school books) that were awaiting me at school.

Snack time, bitches.

Foxy Roxy.

I got a Starbucks tumbler. The straw turns green when you drink.