Giant Nerd. (not the candy.)

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Is it weird that my first thought is that i board this truck like a pirate? #entenmanns #delicious

Tony and scarlett. I hate/love that every time I draw tony he comes out so easily O.o

Edwardian frenzy ~

Luckily I'm adorable in hats.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Hey baby

Scarlett :3


Frenzy is clothed and inked. first ever atc

An atc of frenzy I never clothed.

look what I got for you!

Finished half eaten biscotti

My hand is cramping xD

Zombies! D: I have the tiny one from last year but omg

Fire frenzy had also been sucker punched!

Miss Atari Panic, you have officially been sucker punched.

Cake! A little crooked but done

Getting ready for the oven


Step one: Slice up an obscene amount of strawberries, if bitter, add a teaspoon of sugar then chill.