Oh shit, this is gonna be fun....

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funny, look what Laura got me:

Again, when the prices dropped:

again, when the price dropped….

Me when they announced the price:

Somewhere out there, this is the name of black male stripper


what are you doing, doing stand-up in Decatur,Ga?

next time you see walowitz, ask him why he’s doin standup…

The fuuuuuuuck is this?

Leaf Cigar lounge. Needed after this week. Come join if you’re nearby

Finally made it. Let me know when you’re in town, we can catch up

The start of decorating a wall in my house. If you know me then this makes sense:

Not what the weekend progressed to, or is going to end at. It’s where it started :-)

On Saturdays, I try to relegate myself to staying at home, why? because Atl Traffic sucks a bag of sucks, that’s why.

My neighborhood is lame, haha

Why my girlfriend is awesome

Just setup the network at home: #BossShit


Fuckery at its finest>

speaking of jobs, you know this guy? He’a my new intern. Can I fire him?