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Nerdy British Guy now living in San Francisco and working in the south bay. Tweet about boys, PS3, the Gym, boys, C++, Board Games, my Motorbike and boys.

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Today I learned that it's much faster to sort a Core Data table by hand in memory than to do it in a query

it still hasn't changed for me, mind

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Behold! The Hawaiian Elvis!

Looking at prep for Google's "July 4th" party, I despair at how they treat us like children! Ooh! Bouncy Castle Twister!

Google in San Francisco Pride 2011

Google in San Francisco Pride 2011

Apple really aren't being shy this year. WWDC 2011 featuring Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud ()


Om nom nom

I saw these and thought of

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Good Morning San Diego

The Rapture has come at last!

Not a heterosexual among them ... #Kylie

You're doing it the wrong way! :-( Take them *off*, not put them on!

Ok, seriously! How do you drive into a house?!

Go-karting at Scribd with &

I think he put his name badge there deliberately